We require a plugin with 120-volts, and a 15-amp circuit on a grounded outlet. The plugin also needs to be within 40 feet of the DJ booth. We do require power provisions be made for all services requested (including beach ceremonies) as we do not offer generators or battery operated equipment.

Absolutely! We love them too! We beat match most of our transitions throughout the night. To hear some sample mixes, go to our MIXES page.

Not every event. You won’t see us in the clubs because we’re an upscale boutique company. However, if you’re looking for wedding DJs, our sister company is THE BEST! www.kscope.events

(1) You’ll never hear silence between the songs we play because our song-mixing skills are unparalleled. You’ll feel like you’re hearing one long dance song, as each song seamlessly blends into the next. (2) We get you. We know most people are horrified by stereotypical DJs. We are too. However, we break that mold. We are young and we speak your cultural language. This affects our song selection as well.

Yes. The first 35-mile radius of South Bend Indiana are included. Over 35 miles: $0.50 per mile, round trip. Over 75 miles: Hotel may be required for 1 or 2 nights depending on event times and distance.

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